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Casting Mike and titty bingo

Since I can’t obsess about Mike’s book anymore, I’ve taken up obsessing about the movie. Part of my obsession has to do with wanting to learn how to write a screenplay. Every writng genre has its own unique challenges. The limitations of haiku are vastly different than an article. An article is vastly different than […]

William’s Hammer, Vicki’s Book, and More…

I thought you’d all enjoy the latest tattoo from my home game. That’s William’s arm sporting a brand new hammer. He didn’t name names (Torres), but it was apparently in honor of the “any two” strategy successfully employed by some of our members. You might think I take the moral high ground when I’m behind […]

Poker’s Old School Still Rules

“Dear Amy, thanks for the kind words and I will see you at the Rio, Tom.” Well actually Tom McEvoy probably won’t see me at the Rio – at least not this month. Like last year, I’m feeling the double-edged sword of not covering the WSOP. I’m glad I’m not the one putting in 14 […]

Running in the Rain and Poker & Drugs

At about 9:00am on Saturday morning the sky grew dark and a cool wind started to blow through. By ten, the skies had opened up to a beautiful torrential rain. We’ve been battling a drought and I was already registered for the Run Good WSOP Seat Challenge, so I was content with nature’s whims. I […]

With a Little Help From My Friends

I promise this will be the last book blog for awhile. For one thing, I’ll get to finally play a little poker this week now that the book is out. So you have my bad beats to look forward to… Our agent Sheree Bykofsky humped Check-Raising the Devil to major publishers. Here was a typical […]

The Matusow Book: The Crossroads

Collaboration is powerful. When done right, the resulting sum is greater than its parts. When done badly, it can end up in a body count. The collaboration process with Mike was involved but surprisingly functional. We amassed hundreds of hours of interviews. Tim would draft a chapter. I would re-write it. He would edit it. […]