Monthly Archives: November 2008

Running Good or Procrastinating?

This past weekend was just crazy busy. The Shrink and I are in the last big push to finish the book. So the weekend for me was backloaded with chapters to edit. Even as busy as we were, we both were hell bent on playing in the first event of Pokerlisting’s Run Good Challenge II. […]

Ben Bernanke Needs a Hooker’s Heart

Crash Davis: Look, Nuke – these Big League hitters are gonna light you up like a pin ball machine for awhile – don’t worry about it. Be cocky and arrogant even when you’re getting beat. That’s the secret. You gotta play this game with fear and arrogance. Nuke LaLoush: Fear and ignorance. Crash: No. Fear […]

Clonie Gowen: All Lingerie and No Vest?

In my tenure as a consultant for commercial lawsuits, I read more than my fair share of initial complaints. Early on I realized these complaints often overbet the pot with farfetched claims, many of which can’t be supported by facts. So I wasn’t totally surprised by the far reaching claims of Clonie Gowen’s complaint against […]

How the NFL Grinch Stole Online Poker II

In the waning days of summer 2006, the recently appointed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and past commissioner Paul Tagliabue wrote Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner (R-Va.) in an attempt to sway him to tag the UIGEA onto “must pass” defense spending legislation. Warner told them to go pound salt. But that didn’t slow […]

Day of the Dead, Tiffany, and Profs

Is that your dorsal fin or are you just happy to see us? — Overheard at the office on Halloween. While the boss dressed up as a man getting eaten by a shark, most of the rest of the office dressed up as the boss. It turns out that making fun of the boss was […]