Monthly Archives: January 2009

Deleveraging is Shrinking the Game

Lou Mannheim: Kid, you’re on a roll. Enjoy it while it lasts, ’cause it never does. Imagine how small the world of poker would be without debt. What would happen to poker if a large number of players stopped being able to pay back what they owed? Some generous players and backers would get burned […]

How They Broke Tunica

To me, Januaries and Tunica were synonymous. Every year I would prepare for my trip by stopping off at Sam’s Club for a tub of Double-Bubble and hitting the library for books on tape — anything to get me through the 10+ hour drive. It also included the annual cleaning out of my car. One […]

Two Legends Team Up For the LAPC

I’d been playing poker for over five years before I stepped foot in the Commerce. As much as I had heard about the legendary card room, I was still awed by its majesty. It was a temple built to please the poker gods – and all those who came to worship at its tables. I […]

The Worst WSOP Legacy: Becky or Leon?

Everyone thought that Becky Binion Behnen had a lock on the worst WSOP legacy. She has served as the casino manager’s equivalent of Herbert Hoover. After an ugly family legal battle, Becky wrested control of Binion’s Horseshoe from her brother Jack and proceeded to milk it dry – even selling off the million dollar display […]