Monthly Archives: April 2009

Shronk 1981-2009

I called BJ yesterday. But when I started to leave my message, I just broke down. BJ emailed me, saying he couldn’t call me back, because he wasn’t sure he could keep it together. It was one thing to know Shronk was gone. It was a whole different level of pain to have to say […]

Online Gaming: Hope Springs Eternal

Both poker and investment seem to be hanging their hats on hope this spring. Where the two worlds intersect is perhaps the epicenter of hope. Online gaming stocks have popped both on the news that PartyGaming settled with the U.S. government and the promise of Barney Frank’s new stand alone bill that would serve to […]


Last week I dropped my cellphone in the toilet. Luckily it was “pre-game” and I was willing able to fish it out. It started working again the next day – although it doesn’t ring anymore. That’s kind of been a metaphor for my life over the last few weeks – a number of “oh shit” […]