Monthly Archives: May 2009

Nominate Andy Glazer for The Poker Hall of Fame

I will be nominating Andy Glazer for the Poker Hall of Fame. Public nominations open today and will remain open until July 2nd. If you are in the poker media and were inspired by his work, I ask you to join me. If you lived for his tournament reports as a fan of poker, as […]

Another Reason I’ll Never Be a Pro

I can take a win in stride. I’ve gotten to the point where a big loss doesn’t jar me. But I just can’t imagine being dependent on debt. I’ve never bought stock on margin. I’ve never had a car loan. I didn’t borrow money to go to graduate school. I keep my credit card balance […]

Running in the Rain and Poker & Drugs

At about 9:00am on Saturday morning the sky grew dark and a cool wind started to blow through. By ten, the skies had opened up to a beautiful torrential rain. We’ve been battling a drought and I was already registered for the Run Good WSOP Seat Challenge, so I was content with nature’s whims. I […]

With a Little Help From My Friends

I promise this will be the last book blog for awhile. For one thing, I’ll get to finally play a little poker this week now that the book is out. So you have my bad beats to look forward to… Our agent Sheree Bykofsky humped Check-Raising the Devil to major publishers. Here was a typical […]

The Matusow Book: The Crossroads

Collaboration is powerful. When done right, the resulting sum is greater than its parts. When done badly, it can end up in a body count. The collaboration process with Mike was involved but surprisingly functional. We amassed hundreds of hours of interviews. Tim would draft a chapter. I would re-write it. He would edit it. […]

Why Do I Want to Pay a Rake?

Like most of y’all, I’m on the Poker Players Alliance’s email distribution list. I think I may have been a member once. Don’t get me wrong. There are clearly some things they’ve done that have had value. They did some good work in PA and MA and they arranged for some responsible and coherent testimony […]