Monthly Archives: August 2009

Amy’s Alt Regulatory Reading List

“In other words, it didn’t matter that the failing banks didn’t pee in the pool, other banks did. And in banking, like life, the notion of a peeing and a non-peeing section in a swimming pool is meaningless.” – Paul Kedrosky If you didn’t already know that Paul Kedrosky was NOT a graduate of the […]

William’s Hammer, Vicki’s Book, and More…

I thought you’d all enjoy the latest tattoo from my home game. That’s William’s arm sporting a brand new hammer. He didn’t name names (Torres), but it was apparently in honor of the “any two” strategy successfully employed by some of our members. You might think I take the moral high ground when I’m behind […]

WPT Shareholders Lament

Poker players recognize that the World Poker Tour (WPT) played a key role in popularizing poker. In developing its televised tour, it introduced tournaments that got so popular as to begin to challenge the preeminence of the World Series of Poker. But while poker players may think of the WPT fondly, you will find few […]

The Only Casino I Wouldn’t Play May Lose License

Over the years, I’ve played in a lot of casinos that were ill kept and past their primes. I played at the New Frontier in Vegas (since imploded) where the number of security guards outnumbered the patrons. And only a fool wouldn’t ask for an escort to their room — down a long corridor to […]