Monthly Archives: September 2009

I Think Bob Stupak is Dead

The news used to be a public service; now it’s mostly a thinly veiled ratings grab where octamoms and brainless starlets get more air time than messy issues like war and unemployment. Empty soundbites, rehashed talking points and emails from uninformed listeners rule. There’s more hard news in a half hour of The Daily Show […]

Casting Mike and titty bingo

Since I can’t obsess about Mike’s book anymore, I’ve taken up obsessing about the movie. Part of my obsession has to do with wanting to learn how to write a screenplay. Every writng genre has its own unique challenges. The limitations of haiku are vastly different than an article. An article is vastly different than […]

Poker and Investing: Dragons of Fortune

Last month, I wrote this article for on casino and gambling stocks. Any way you cut it, gambling stocks are still under pressure. But I picked one B&M and one online company I thought had the edge. Both companies made the news last week, making me look smart. Wynn Resorts received approval from Hong […]

Stardust Memories, Party On, and Laborless Day

Where does the answer lie? Living from day to day If it’s something we can’t buy There must be another way We are spirits in the material world — The Police We all know people who suffer from disposaphobia. When my Auntie Alice died, there were hundreds of National Geographics stacked in the attic — […]