Monthly Archives: November 2009

A Tale of Two Amy Calistris

A couple of nights ago, the Poker Shrink forwarded an email from Dan Michalski. It said “46 searches for ‘amy calistri scam’ have brought people to Pokerati this month. Did she write about a scam or is she in one?” I also got emails from Oliver Tse saying he has been seeing an ad with […]

The Pollack Legacy: The Good, The Bad and The Silly

The dealer barely put down the deck on the 2009 WSOP when it was announced that Jeffrey Pollack, the World Series of Poker Commissioner, had resigned. In 2005, Harrah’s hired Pollack on as the Vice President of Marketing. In January 2006 he got bumped to the new position of WSOP Commish. Pollack excelled on a […]

Hans “Tuna” Lund Musings

“You’ve got to have the heart of a lion — play fearless, don’t be afraid and, when you roar, they better back up.” – Hans “Tuna” Lund. It was probably arrogance. But by early 2007, I figured I had met most all of the “old school” players who still had game. A lot of them […]